Every leaf or branch I choose and gather from the forest floor in seemingly harmonious decomposition to create my photographic works is unique, with its colors worn by the wind, the sun, and all the harshness of the environment. I observe the veins that run through their surfaces, marked by the passage of time, which also makes them unique and unrepeatable.

In their supposed imperfection, I find an incomparable beauty, a beauty that transcends the artificial perfection of our civilization and embraces the authentic beauty of nature. Wabi-Sabi has taught me to meditate on the transience of living beings and also of things. It has taught me to understand that everything is destined to fade away with the passage of time. Everything inexorably ends in nothingness and therefore paradoxically returns to the All.

This simple yet immense Japanese philosophy invites me to contemplate beauty in every corner of existence and also to find beauty in imperfection and the completeness of the incomplete. In these leaves and natural objects that attract me, and I would even say choose me, I discover a universe that cannot be expressed in words and that immerses me in the essence of life.

Everything has an inexorable direction towards oblivion, and I try to slow it down by creating photography, in this case, outside of its environment, outside of its forest, but respecting its natural light, its individuality, and essence that are invisible to the normal eye.

Agustí Fernández