On the Nature of Water: “Utsuroi”

The Japanese word “UTSUROI” reveals the secret relationship between light and shadow but also explains the movement or flow from one state to another, like the constant movement of water.

It suggests to us that nothing is permanent and that everything is ephemeral.

The constantly moving water is “UTSUROI,” it is art and visual poetry.

Its forms are infinite and are part of a magical ritual of constant transformation created by Nature.

In my photos, the crystalline water of the rivers and lakes of Pallars Sobirà in Catalonia has allowed me to stop that movement; my photographic shot has offered me the vision of a unique and unrepeatable image, a work of art and poetry of Mother Nature.

As a spectator, I am privileged, and as a photographer, I am very fortunate to be able to capture that unique moment in time and transform it into a visual work that I believe defines the “UTSUROI” of the Nature of Water.